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The Smiles Group Photography

Your local, "quality first" school photography company

About The Smiles Group Photography

The Smiles Group Photography is a locally owned Portrait Photography Studio dedicated to providing an alternative to the mega companies providing the same cookie cutter low quality imagery that parents have had to suffer with year after year.  There is an alternative...


Our Story Began with OUT OF FOCUS School Photos:

Founded in 2007, commercial advertizing photographer Craig Hildebrand was looking at his then 1st grade daughter's school pictures, to his amazement/horror, they were out of focus.  Upon looking at her Kindergarten 8x10, it was also out of focus, over exposed and off color (very red in fact).  Deciding to do something about it, he went to the school and after a discussion with the administration and yearbook advisor, proposed offering a different way of doing things, and the Smiles Group was born.  Want to know more? Contact us.

Our services for schools:

Personal Professional Service


Fall Yearbook Portraits

Time stops for no one- capture them correctly


From traditional to contemporary

Groups and Teams

And anything in between

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